Looking to dress up that rough looking ECU? Take a look at this water jet cut aluminium ECU Cover. This durable, long lasting and easy install cover quickly dresses up this area. Comes non-powder coated or you can pick a color.

Please NOTE: Allow 7 days to process the order for
powder coating service

, pickup and lead time to package your order.

For these custom colors, please allow 9 addtional processing days - I will reach out to you by email and we will coordinate the color
Please Please NOTE that the COLOR may not reflect Exactcly the color becuase of different manufacturing powdwer coating companies "might" be slightly off from your paint on your Slingshot.

*** PLEASE note for all returned orders there is a restocking fee of 18% .

For all models; 2015 - 2018

R-Shot ECU Cover; Custom Colors Available

  • This ECU Cover is made from 5052 Aluminum and is water jet cut.  Cover comes with Stainless Steel hardware (2 long M6 screws, 2 washers and 2 spaces) to fit perfectly over your ECU.  Simply remove the current ECU bolts and place the washers on the new M6 screws that go through the ECU cover.  Now add the spacers and gently place the cover over your ECU and tighten using a hex driver


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