Why get beat up in price...our economical Swingarm Mud Flap / Rock Guard is no difference then any of our compitotors ... It's just CHEAPER!  It keeps rocks and mud from getting into the swingarm area - simply put, it works and its cheaper.   Made from 1/8" thick black rubber that is flexible and will not crack.  NO NEED to spend a fortune - CNC cut to fit and it fits!    Quick installation, less than 20 min.  Full Color Pictures of installation and instructions included.   Once you have it installed.  Add a little Armor All Type Product to it, and its FINISH ....SHINES like your SlingShot!!

PLEASE note for all returned orders there is a restocking fee of 18% .

R-Shot Economical Swingarm Mud Flap / Rock Guard

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Dale City, VA 22193

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