This is the new R-Shot EZ-Out Grab Handle

STOP placing undo stress on your steering wheel and side panels! This is priced to SALE... this is a DEAL! - 38% off the regular price!

Will NOT Fit 2017, 2018 or 2019 model

Made from aircraft grade aluminum .5 inch thick, and powder coated black. This light weight, yet strong helper will support 325 lbs. Mounted to the frame of the Slingshot - it is worth its weight at under 1lb & 12 oz. Installation will be easy, template, instructions and stainless steel hardware will be supplied. Installation should be under 40 minutes, and one beer. Like most Slingshot owners, I am constantly grabbing on the steering wheel or the side panel, placing undo stress on the these items might cost me major down the road. The EZ-Out Grab Handle will eliminate grabbing the steering wheel and placing weight on areas of the Slingshot that never intended to hold body weight. The EZ-Out Grab Handle fits near the steering column; to the left side and does not interfere with the mobility of the steering columns ability to move up or down for adjustments. Although the picture shows it in raw aluminum... it is powder coated black for grip and it blends into the dash area without much notice. R-Shot EZ-Out, meeting a need for folks like myself (knee surgery, lumbar degenerative disc issues), owners with disabilities and overall easier way to get in and out without ripping the steering column off.
FULL color instructions with pictures are provided.

This setup is for the driverside and will attach to the frame of the slingshot.

*** PLEASE note for all returned orders there is a restocking fee of 18% .

This does require a small amount
of cutting through the engine fire wall for installation. However a template for the small rectangle cut is provided. Takes about 40 min. to install

Fits models; 2015 - 2016 -- WILL NOT FIT 2017, 2018 or 2019 Model

R-Shot EZ-Out Grab Handle (2015 -2016 Driver Side)

$190.00 Regular Price
$146.00Sale Price
  • Made from .5" Aircraft grade (6061) Aluminum and powder coated black.