This is the new R-Shot EZ-Out Grab Handle for models; 2015 - 2016.5, 2017 - 2018 S and SL Models.   Will NOT FIT SLR models

Made from aircraft grade aluminum .380 inch thick, and powder coated black. This light weight, yet strong helper will support 275 lbs. Mounted to the frame of the Slingshot - it is worth its weight at under 1lb & 4oz. Installation will be easy, instructions and will be supplied. Installation should be under 30 minutes, and one beer. Like most Slingshot owners, I am constantly looking to grab on to something when I am the passenger, either the side panel, the dash or something. The EZ-Out Grab Handle will eliminate grabbing the wrong thing like your windsheild when exiting. The EZ-Out Grab Handle fits on the side - just to the right of the glove box - mounted to the frame. It is powder coated black for grip and it blends into the dash area without much notice. R-Shot EZ-Out, meeting a need for folks like myself (knee surgery, lumbar degenerative disc issues), owners with disabilities and overall easier way to get in and out without ripping off the windshield and or body weight on the side body panels.
FULL color instructions with pictures are provided.

This setup is for the passanger side and will attach to the frame of the slingshot.

Takes about 30 min. to install

PLEASE note for all returned orders there is a restocking fee of 18% .

For models; 2015 - 2016.5, 2017 -2018 S and SL Models.  Will NOT FIT SLR models

R-Shot EZ Out Grab Handle - (Passenger SIDE)

Passenger Side
  • Made from .375" Aircraft grade (6061) Aluminum and powder coated black.  


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