ALL NEW   R-Shot Travel Bags for your Polaris Slingshot. Two 14" x 9" medium size bags, that are great for short trips and for your cockpit cover of your Slingshot.   They look great and are weather resistant, these are removable from your POLARIS SLINGSHOT in just minutes.  Only water resistant - NOT Rain PROOF...  with an incredible amount rain - you should place your clothes in bag first prior to packing into these travel bags.  These bags are great but will NOT completely protect your inside items from being wet.   If its a light rain - you will be completly fine.  There is a very nice inside liner to help keep things dry, but we highly recommend using a plasic bag first.  These bags are UV protected, and 14 liters of space per bag.  


  • Receive two bags, straps for each of the bags to be mounted.
  • Two mounts, with hardware.
  • Two bolts hold each of the mounts to the rear of the Slingshot.


These will be limited quantity,  R-Shot Travel bags will be undeniably a hot item.  Cleaning is simple, wipe off with a wet cloth and they maintain their circular form even while empty. 


- Bag size: 14" x 9"

- Bags are water resistant for LIGHT RAIN SHOWER only!

- Mounting brackets are aluminum and powder coated black

- Hardware is: Stainless steel, M8 bolts and washers

- Fully rigid; looks great empty or full


Full set of color instructions will be sent with your order, and installation is about 40 minutes.


Restocking fee of 18% on all orders.


R-SHOT Travel Bags w/ Mounts - Removable Bags!

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  • What do you get with this setup?


    - Two water resistant bags with sholder straps

    - Two mounting brackets for the bags, making them removable.

    - Hardware - straps, stainless steel screws and washers

    - Full color instructions w/pictures


    These mounting brackets are made from aluminum and are extremly thick to support 18lbs of clothing or any items you feel comfortable placing in the bags.




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